suņu skolas pamatpaklausības nodarbības

Knowledgeable owner – obedient and happy dog

Understanding what an obedient dog is can be different, but every dog owner wants a reliable ally so that there is mutual understanding and respect between the owner and the dog. Therefore, our dog handlers teach the owner to understand the dog’s body language and how to motivate your dog to work in different conditions.


Where do classes take place?

  • Maskavas iela 257, PetCity (T/C Akropole).
    Classes will be held outdoors to comply with all epidemiological regulations!

Dog training school basic obedience course consists of 12 classes:

  • 1 theoretical class where you will find out what to pay attention to living with a dog as well as how to create a hierarchy at home; 
  • There are 10 practical classes included in the course where we will teach your dog to listen and do all necessary commands like “sit”, “walk next to you”, “lie down” etc.
  •  in the last class will be an exam;
  • As well in the classes there will be an opportunity to ask and get answers to all questions.

The classes will take place once in a week.

We will meet once in a week but there will be homeworks that you will have to do at home every day.

Katras nodarbības ilgums: 45-60 minūtes.

The duration of the lesson depends on what we do, how complicated the tasks are and how tired the dogs are.

Nodarbības ir paradzētas suņiem bez priekšzināšanām no 4mēn. vecuma.

Classes are intended for dogs without prior knowledge from 4 months. It is not necessary to come to individual lessons to prepare for group lessons before starting the course. But we highly recommend that you take a puppy socialization course beforehand.

Fee of the course!

€ 149.99, as well as the possibility to pay in 3 parts – € 54.99 each. You have to pay for the whole lesson course, including if you plan to skip a lesson.

how to apply to classes
  1. Clock the button above “apply”
  2.  Choose the trainer and the time of the classes.
  3. complete the application form (you will receive the confirmation e-mail immediately).
  4. You will receive an invoice to your e-mail
  5. The invoice needs to be paid in 3 days and only then you will become a full member of the training group
  6. When your payment will be received, you will receive confirmation to your e-mail that you have been included in to choosen training group
 What to to classes?
  • Aproximately 1,5m long leash (not metalic and not flexible one).
  • A toy with which the dog plays, preferably one to which the owner can attach at one end and the dog at the other.
  • Treats – those that can be easily swallowed by a dog, such as cheese or sausage cut into small pieces, or seasoned meat. Not suitable dry dog food, dog biscuits, special treats for dog training. If your dog is allergic, consult your veterinarian about the choice of treat.
  • Taste bag – a belly bag, it is necessary that the treats are easy to use at the right time. If you put the treats in a bag and with the whole bag in your pocket, then it is absolutely impossible to reward the dog for the correct action in time.
  • Comfortable clothes for the owner
Where the classes will take place?

Maskavas street 257, PetCity.

In which cases better not to chooses group classes?

If your dog is aggressive or afraid, it is better to choose individual lessons first. During group lessons, the dog will not feel safe, and if you do not learn to respond properly to a situation, it can only exacerbate the problem and will require even more time and effort.


If you have already paid the bill, but changed your mind and still do not want to attend classes, you should send an application to the e-mail The application must be sent no later than 7 days before the start of the first lesson, otherwise the money for the lessons will not be returned.


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