PetCity Dog school

What is a dog school?

Dog owner school

It’s an opportunity to learn all necesary knowledge in dog training as well as to learn your dog basic commands and ensure happy and harmonic life at home and in public. With experienced dog trainer help you will be able to solve different behaviour problems. Also the dog training school is a great place where to socialize your pet! So I’ll see you at PetCity dog training school? -.


Obedience classes

 dog preparation for dog shows

Our team

Valērija Šunkarova
Valērija Šunkarova
Dog preparation for dog show
Agnese Bunka-Bogdanova
Agnese Bunka-Bogdanova
Dog obedience trainer

Frequently asked question

How to choose dog training classes?
  • If your dog is older than 5 months, basic obedience classes will be appropriate.
  • If the dog has a problem – the dog is aggressive, funky, settles down at home, etc., then you have to come to individual classes (if the dog just does not listen and it is not a problem, you can come to group classes).

From what age the dog can be taken to dog school?

You can start come to individual classes already from 2 months time.

You can attend group classes from 4 months.

When and what times do the classes take place

PetCity dog school is open every day. All classes take place only by prior appointment